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Louisiana Based Nonprofit

Helping Veterans to Help Themselves.



We are Bad Habitz Organization, a Non-Profit that specializes in training Veterans to re-enter the workforce through the local film industry.  We are establishing a new office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The Tax ID number is 86-2962549.  

We are seeking both monetary and donations-in-kind to help not only get the program running but to keep it running throughout the year and for years to come. Our hope is to establish a tried-and-true way to teach the basics of the film industry to veterans and allow other veterans in the film industry to create the same training nationwide. 

While working in the film industry, myself, I saw a need to have more veterans in the film industry and decided to train interested veterans in this non-traditional career path, whether it be in front of the camera or behind the camera as crew.  Our hope, as an organization, is to train veterans to work in the entertainment industry.


Our hope is that veterans will be able to see the projects they worked on and be able to say, “I helped with that” and so that they can socialize with other veterans and civilians.  The 501(c)3 non-profit organization was started, so that we can pay local, professional film industry workers to train the veterans and work with them in the future.  

Bad Habitz Organization is a “tip of the hat” to veterans keeping with theme that we all leave the military with some type of “bad habit”. 


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NON-PROFIT EIN: 86-2962549


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